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Tim Lay - The Sewerside Chronicles (Limited Edition with Original Mau Mau Drawing)

Limited edition version of this cult book... one of 25 (?) copies with an original signed Mau Mau drawing inside the front cover.

"It's better to live your dream and fail, than not to try and do it at all... This was when... Banksy was being cleaned off walls. Anti-globalisation was radical. Word of mouth was all about 'keeping it real'... Running a cutting-edge fashion label from a small Devon seaside town, Che Capri and Travis were living the dream. Sewerside's first collection had been a hit, but now cash is running out and their ambitions of making it big are disappearing fast. It's time to hatch a plan - which sees them joined by graffiti artists, DJ's, MC's, skateboarders and counter-cultural provocateurs intent on resisting the blanding down of society by consumer forces. Embodying the ideals of a post-punk, rave-influenced generation, Sewerside Chronicles is an exciting and comic combination of fashion, politics, raves in the countryside and anarchy at Glastonbury. Zip up. button down and come along for the outrageous ride..."


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