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INSA is a fine artist and designer who established himself via graffitii, extensive street level work and gallery shows around the world. Throughout this time INSA has explored different approaches and outlets, including the creation of signature collections for brands such as Kangol, Kid Robot and Oki-Ni as well as starting his own shoe company INSA HEELS. He has undertaken many private commissions, including work for Nike, Carharrt and Jamie Oliver, and was recently invited to Sweden as one of only two British artists to curate last years ICE hotel.

INSA’s canvases and installations are often hyper real, finely- crafted creations where sexual desire and commodity-based fetishism merge and contrast. With a heavy sense of irony the artist visually exaggerates the notion of objectification meets commodification with graphically depicted oversized body parts that are suspended in the controlled architectural lines of a sneaker or bold black and white graphic patterns.

INSA then uses these powerful Op Art-style graphics to play with and distort the spaces his work is installed in to entice the viewer into the ‘fantasy’. But it's a shallow fantasy of materialistic aspiration where sexual objectification is flaunted as a symbol of wealth and success. Mirrors or reflective surfaces are common in INSA's installations and are there to remind the viewer of themself and perhaps that real life and genuine love are better than hype and fantasy…