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Cain Caser

Caser's paintings have been conceived as 'hypnagogic portraits’. Occupying the gap between figuration and abstraction they exploit the tendency to see faces where none exist and may be interpreted by an individual's own unique visual hierarchy.

Cain started painting in 2010 and showing his work in late 2011. “As a kid growing up I was obsessed with graffiti” he says. “I lived near the end of the Metropolitan line so everything that was going on in London was delivered straight to my doorstep. The people, style, mystery and adventure of it completely fascinated me. By twelve years of age I had started writing graffiti and at sixteen it was dominating my life”. Shortly afterwards like many others around that time he got side-tracked by rave culture which proceeded to provide an altogether different form of distraction.

This current body of work represents a reflection and distillation of both periods. “The visual shock of seeing a newly pieced train on my way in to school filtered through the peculiarly lucid experience of my late teens”.