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Escif comes from Valencia, Spain, where he started painting graffiti in 1996. Making murals, public interventions, video, installations and drawings, Escif tries to understand how to experiment life as an open process of knowledge and knowledge as an open process to experiment life. He doesn’t believe in art as a meaning in and of itself and uses it as an excuse to approach different concepts such as the street, the economy, social movements, organic food, macropolitics and micropolitics. He has painted in different locations including Dakar (Senegal), Baltimore (USA), Kerala (India), Mexico City (Mexico), Katowice (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Sumatra (Indonesia) and has presented his work in exhibitions all around the world. His work is usually considered to exist on a strange border between popular and conceptual art. That means he feels as strange in street art festivals as in contemporary art projects.