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Nick Smith

Contemporary artist Nick Smith pushes the boundaries of art with his instantly recognisable pixelated masterpieces, combining text and image in a unique blend of colour-chips and collages. With a background in Interior Design spanning 11 years, Nick brings a designer's eye to his work, elevating colour swatches to fine art through his hand-made collages.

Starting with a simple experiment in 2011, Nick challenged himself to use a tessellation of colour swatches to recreate Warhol's 'Marilyn,' which ultimately sparked his career as an artist and established his distinct style.

The multi-layered nature of his work, which seamlessly integrates image and word, allows him to delve into complex art-historical concepts. The text in his works often serves as a narrative, adding another layer of interest and sparking debates with open-to-interpretation word/image constructions.

Nick's P-series (Psycolourgy 2015, Paramour 2016, Parlance 2017, Priceless 2018, Pinched 2019, Purgatory 2019, Pioneers 2020, Posed 2022) are the result of meticulous research, exploring various concepts that serve as the foundation for each new series. From large-scale pieces to micro-chip collages and sold-out print editions, Nick continues to evolve and perfect his popular and recognisable art style.

As Nick puts it, "I find joy in creating abstract pieces with objective text content, taking the viewer going from blurred to focused."