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Mau Mau

With roots planted in the surf and country vibes of the North Devon coast, Mau Mau brings an air of rural sophistication to the art he has been knocking out for over a decade.

The artist's name comes from time spent in Ghana in the early nineties. A three-week visit became a four-month stay with Rastafarians from the Twelve Tribes temple who couldn't pronounce his name. Mark became 'Mau Mau' and the name stuck.

He has since painted his way around the world, his artwork appearing on everything from shipwrecks to surfboards to billboards to city walls, in locations as far flung as Jamaica, Australia, Egypt and Thailand.  Closer to home, Mau Mau has chalked up a reputation through the environmental and politically astute threads that have consistently run through his artwork; bitterly topical with a tongue-in-cheek sweetener.