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Matthew Lapenta x K.Olin Tribu - Pray Hands

Extra white porcelain manufactured in LIMOGES, FRANCE

Series of 50 pieces, all numbered , Size: 18 x 18 x 18 cm

Sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by Artist, delivered in a luxury box.

About the piece:

“Whilst The difference between celebratory slappage and pious reflection doesn’t quite come across in the abstracted world of emoji: a schism has long divided fans of an icon that may depict either, debating whether or not the “Prayer Hands” emoji could also be used as a “high-five”. Whatever your opinion is about the emoji, dailydot may change your opinion. One release that’s set to bring up the controversy again will be “Pray Hands” Porcelain by Matthew Lapenta x K.Olin tribu. Clearly, Matthew Lapenta thinks its Pray Hands and that’s we think the classic emoji means even though beams of light have been removed from the emoji.


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