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ILoveDoodle - I Will Never Le(t)Go (Original)

Brick toys are a dime a dozen but you’ll never find one quite like this one. Looking like an ordinary 2x4 from afar, you’ll notice a bunch of limbs sticking out when you get up close and personal. Meet "I Will Never Le(t)go" by I Love Doodle, two bricks joined at the “hip” and inseparable for life. 

The inspiration for this toy came from an incident whereby the artist found two of his son's construction brick pieces so tightly stuck together, that it took him a tremendous amount of effort to separate them. Little did he know, those two tiny brick pieces, named Layla and Gola, have an epic love story behind them! 

Gola’s reluctance is written all over his face; just look at his furrowed brows and narrow eyes. Flawed on the inside and seeing red on the outside (no pun intended), if there’s an award for Most Angsty Toy, he’d probably win it.

Layla though, is the exact opposite. Ready to care and eager to love, she’s the cure for Gola’s character defects, even if he doesn’t realise it. Like all good love stories, theirs is one of struggle, undeterred pursuit and eventual triumph.

8" Tall Vinyl Art Collectible
Limited Edition of 200

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