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Euan Roberts Prescription Editions Print

We opened our Euan Roberts exhibition last week to lots of keen art and beer drinking fans!

Here are some photos from the evening.....

Euan Roberts Private View

Euan Roberts Private View


Euan Roberts Private View


We were really pleased to be able to offer tasty tech beer from Lost & Found Brewery and very pleased to meet local artist celeb Chris Riddell, all amongst the life changing and affirming paintings of Euan Roberts...some life goals were definitely reached!

The show is on until the 8th of June, so come down and check it out, or visit the website for all available works.

We also released a new edition of his ever popular I'm Ok prints, this time with the lovely Livy from Dopple Press, in three different punchy risograph colours. Only £35 each and selling fast! 

Euan Roberts LifeGoals

Euan Roberts lifegoals

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