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Pulp Fiction?

Connor Brothers Print Pulp Fiction Refuchic

Artistic duo 'The Connor Brothers' are fast rising in popularity at the moment, check out their latest project Refuchic - in which they have placed fake magazine posters all around the UK, ridiculing celebrity culture & lack of humanity.

Back here in the shop, we have six new signed Connor Brothers prints as well as two originals! The prints are £120 each and the originals are £3,750.

Complicated Connor Brothers Giclee Print
Signed and numbered
Giclee print with silkscreen varnish
41.5 x 29 cm unframed
Edition of 50 - £120 each.
The Connor Brothers first entered the art scene as American twins brought up within an extremist Christian cult known as 'The Family.' At sixteen the twins escaped to Brooklyn where they began creating artworks in order to make sense of the world they had been deprived of. However, in October 2014 these characters were revealed as a myth and art dealers Mike Snelle and James Golding exposed themselves as The Connor Brothers. The recent revelation of their identity has seen a huge increase in sales with their work having been sold alongside Banksy and Damien Hirst at Christie's and Bonham's. 
Dammit Tiffany Connor Brothers Original Painting
The Connor Brothers - Dammit Tiffany!
 Acrylic on Canvas
75.5 x 45.5 x 5 cm unframed - £3,750
You'll Call Won'y You Connor Brothers Original Painting
The Connor Brothers - You'll Call Won't You?
Acrylic on Canvas
75.5 x 45.5 x 5 cm unframed - £3,750

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