Hugo Farmer

British Sculptor and Artist, Hugo Farmer learnt the importance of free speech first hand growing up in a very opinionated house where religion and politics were debated regularly. Living in India as a child gave Farmer a good perspective to the world we live in today and how happiness can be achieved in much less materialistic ways. Today, Farmer is fascinated by the public’s reaction and involvement in politics and through his art he is hoping to inspire audiences to explore their opinions. He finds his material and inspiration from various sources like music, radio shows, documentaries and images. Farmer’s choice of working on sculptures is going back to his previous career of being a boat-builder, show producer and sound engineer where he developed his creative skills in 3D.  His artworks are a fusion between contemporary and non-conformist observational twists, mixing absolute craftsmanship with his vision of liberty. ‘Art is a leveler. The hierarchy disappears- everyone can access it equally. I find that gives me a freedom to express myself in a way I can’t with words.’