Pulp Fiction? June 27 2017

Artistic duo 'The Connor Brothers' are fast rising in popularity at the moment, check out their latest project Refuchic - in which they have placed fake magazine posters all around the UK, ridiculing celebrity culture & lack of humanity.

Back here in the shop, we have six new signed Connor Brothers prints as well as two originals! The prints are £120 each and the originals are £3,750.

Signed and numbered
Giclee print with silkscreen varnish
41.5 x 29 cm unframed
Edition of 50 - £120 each.
The Connor Brothers first entered the art scene as American twins brought up within an extremist Christian cult known as 'The Family.' At sixteen the twins escaped to Brooklyn where they began creating artworks in order to make sense of the world they had been deprived of. However, in October 2014 these characters were revealed as a myth and art dealers Mike Snelle and James Golding exposed themselves as The Connor Brothers. The recent revelation of their identity has seen a huge increase in sales with their work having been sold alongside Banksy and Damien Hirst at Christie's and Bonham's. 
Connor Brother Original Canvas
The Connor Brothers - Dammit Tiffany!
 Acrylic on Canvas
75.5 x 45.5 x 5 cm unframed - £3,750
Connor Brothers Original Painting
The Connor Brothers - You'll Call Won't You?
Acrylic on Canvas
75.5 x 45.5 x 5 cm unframed - £3,750

Cleon Peterson June 14 2017

Sorry for abandoning this blog of late but we will try and update this on a regular basis from now on.... keep an eye over here for some occasional snippets of news!
The gallery is looking great at the moment, come down and see us if you're in Brighton. 
We have a couple of very special Cleon Peterson original works hanging in the gallery right now. One is a huge black & white spectacular painting across 9 panels, entitled The Practice Of Masters.

cleon peterson original painting
The second piece is called A Struggle of Will, a 9 panel painting, in black and neon red/orange acrylic (hard to see the colour on a screen but it is awesome!). 

Both of these works are key early pieces exhibited at New Image Art in 2010 / 2011. They are signed and dated on the reverse. Please enquire if you're interested in purchasing... they are easy to ship overseas as they break down into smaller pieces.

Jim'll Paint It Charity Tribute Prints April 04 2016 2 Comments

Today (Sunday 3rd April) we're releasing two Jim'll Paint It tribute prints to raise money for charity.

Both prints will be available for one week only (until midnight BST on Sunday 10th April), with the edition determined by the number of prints sold in that time.

The Alan Rickman print, 'Gruber Earns His 20%', imagines a different outcome to the 'Die Hard' film. (

"Dear Jim,

I'm sure you've had thousands of these, but if you could do one of Alan Rickman, as Hans Gruber, sitting on a beach earning his god damn 20%, that'd be grand."

All profits from this print will be donated to Amnesty International, a charity supported by Alan Rickman.

The second print is a tribute to Frank Kelly (Father Jack), who also passed away recently. All profits from this print will be donated to the Irish Heart Foundation.

"Hi Jim.

I would love to see Father Ted's peaceful 18 years in heaven being disturbed by the arrival of Father Jack being chased by glasses-stealing crows."


Jim'll Paint It February 23 2016

I have been neglecting this blog of late! There is too much news to report, but in summary... 

We have recently moved to a new & larger shop in Brighton... you can find us at:

Prescription Art
83 London Road

We have just released a new by Jim'll Paint It:

We've previously released Jim'll Paint It's work under his '30 Squared' alias... but are now proud to release the first ever signed limited edition print released under his more famous pseudonym.

As usual the image started with a fan request:

"Hey Jim. Please could you paint Bert and Ernie taking a trip to Vegas ala Fear and Loathing, with Ernie worried about stopping in bat country (ie The Count) and possibly with Elmo as their petrified hitchhiker?"

And this is the result:

The print is a signed edition of 100, 50x50cm, for only £50.

Jim'll Paint it's tribute to the sadly departed Alan Rickman received quite a lot of media coverage (for example here in the Daily Mirror: We are also releasing this print as a timed limited edition for charity. Details to follow later this week....

Love Hurts September 26 2015

New Carl Cashman screenprint, 'Love Hurts' is available on Friday 2nd October.

Carl Cashman - Love Hurts

50x50cm Screenprint

Two Colour Screenprint available in Pink Neon, Green Neon, Blue Neon or Black & White
Editions of 30
£75 each or £250 for set of 4
Special Editions with hand-applied Gold or Silver Leaf
Edition of 15

Hellbent X Ralph Lauren May 10 2015 27 Comments

Nice video of Hellbent working the Ralph Lauren store in New York:

Hellbent Exhibition May 07 2015 2 Comments

The Hellbent exhibition looks so good..... 

Here's the photographic evidence!

Post Punk April 27 2015 4 Comments

The Hellbent exhibition 'Post Punk' opens on Saturday evening, May 2nd.

We have a brand new Hand-Painted Multiple, 'Tension (Killing Joke)' available online now. It's an edition of 20, priced at £200:

More Pills March 22 2015 3 Comments

Thanks to everyone who's ordered pills... the first completed ones will soon be heading your way....

Sunrise Energy March 16 2015 1 Comment

Coming Up....! March 10 2015 1 Comment

Lots of excitement about the exhibition on Friday... being interviewed by the newspaper & radio today...

Acieed! #pills #ecstasy #mdma #exhibition #brighton #art #streetart #smiley @deanzeus

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Something 'Bout Those Little Pills March 02 2015 1 Comment

The first pills are rolling off the presses...

Order yours now! 
Zeus - Ecstasy Pills

Oddly Head in The Observer February 23 2015 81 Comments

Oddly Head, whose 'Hollywood' prints have been a great success here in the gallery, was featured in The Observer yesterday...

Ecstasy! Ecstasy! February 20 2015 2191 Comments

Announcing a new series of work, and solo exhibition by ZEUS! These 'Love Is A Drug' pills have been flying out since going online.. there are only 10 available of each design. They're hand-moulded, and hand-cast from plaster... and come framed & ready to hang on the wall for only £150.



This is the precursor to a larger exhibition, opening here on 13th March. Please come down for the opening... it should be a right rave up!

The Logger's Nightmare February 16 2015 4 Comments

Originally drawn life-sized, this piece by Adam raises ideas started with his previous drawing / print ‘King Leopold’s Fever Dream'... however this time we peer into a fevered nightmare of one of the loggers or plantation owners that are ravaging the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo.

The embodied Orangutan has wandered into the maintenance shed, found a old chainsaw and is enacting a little bit of street justice.

Prints are now available for just £50 or £100 depending on size.

New Pure Evil & K.Olin Tribu Ceramics February 03 2015 1 Comment

A few new pieces in this week... first up the new Pure Evil prints, 'Roger Vadim's Nightmare' - a portrait of Brigitte Bardot designed to be a companion to his Debbie Harry print ('Chris Stein's Nightmare'). These will go fast - an edition of 100 for £200 each.

Pure Evil - Brigitte Bardot / Roger Vadim's Nightmare

We also have two new ceramics from K.Olin Tribu. The new colourway of Emilio Garcia's 'Skull Brain' is the best one yet - created in jet black fine limoges porcelain. 

Emilio Garcia - Skull Brain / Jumping Brain Black
We also have a new 'Butterfly Skull' from French tattooist Noon.... this one resplendent in purple!

Noon - Skull Butterfly Purple - K.Olin Tribu

Secondary Market prints available! January 27 2015 5 Comments

I've added a whole load of prints to the site, by Antony Micallef; Ericailcane; BAST, Lucy McLauchlan; Nick Walker; Jose Parla; 3D and Invader. I will continue to dig around the cupboards and see what else falls out!

Introducing... Oddly Head January 17 2015 3 Comments

I recently came across London artist Oddly Head - and after seeing these prints had to get them in the gallery. Using found collaged images in a similar style to Peter Blake, but with much greater impact, i'm sure these will be seen as classics in years to come!

We have three 'Hollywood' prints available - each is signed and numbered from an edition of 300 and priced at £165.

Seconds January 15 2015 1 Comment

We have some great new Secondary Market work available by Banksy and Faile. 

First up this unique 1/1 version of 'Happens Every Day' is one of the best Faile pieces i've ever seen!


We also have a number of Banksy prints available, including NOLA, Stop & Search, Bomb Middle England, Weston Super Mare, Have A Nice Day, Jack & Jill and Flags.


Gift Vouchers December 23 2014 2 Comments

Stuck for a christmas gift? How about a Prescription Art gift voucher? Available online now in a variety of denominations!

Ghost Uzi Patrol December 18 2014 1 Comment

Aroe popped in earlier to drop off some copies of his new screenprint. I only have FIVE available from the edition of 40... the gallery now has a pleasant hum of spraypaint thanks to the uniquely painted backgrounds. I love the pink background in particular... a nice contrast to the gun!

In other news, Aroe is planning to distribute 26 paintings for free WORLDWIDE tomorrow. Keep locked into his Instagram for details.... this is a truly global giveaway!

A Mullet With Headlights December 04 2014 1 Comment

The new Carl Cashman screenprint 'A Mullet With Headlights' is available now... a pinging signed screenprint in 3 colours for only £50...

Free Shipping November 27 2014 2 Comments

From now until midnight on Sunday 30th November, there is FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on everything on the site. Fill your boots!


This Was A Hoot November 25 2014 2 Comments

Inspired by Burt Bacharach’s seminal song “The Look Of Love”, Hugh Hefner and the current phenomenon of online dating, Dscreet fuses the good ol days with binary code (the code actually translates as The Look Of”) in this ode to courtship.

The Look Of Love : The Video

You can view the 'Look Of Love' prints online here...