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Skewville - Dogs - Not For Sale
Skewville Dogs
Skewville - Dogs - Not For Sale

Skewville - Dogs - Not For Sale

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Skewville "Dogs - Not For Sale" 

Limited edition screen print on wood by Brooklyn duo Skewville, 2007.

This is a pre cut version of the "Wooden Dogs" series. Printed on both sides. 

Signed & Dated. 

23.5 x 29.5cm

Skewville is most known for their wooden sneakers. Even 15 years ago, posters, stickers and stencils cluttered every street corner in NYC. So the need for a new media space gave birth to their sneaker mission, ” When dogs Fly." Dogs, kicks, grips, sneaks or whatever you want to call them.. as Kids they tossed their old sneakers over the local power lines when they got new ones. It was a symbol of change and a way to represent the hood. In 1999 they started making Wooden Dogs to continue their childhood mission. Since then over five thousands pairs have been silk screened, hand cut, drilled, laced, and then tossed all over the globe.

The first pair of Skewville dogs were made in 1999 and were black low-top chucks.