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Sickboy - Temple '21: Originals Series (Landscape) (Artist Proof #4)

Sickboy - Temple '21: Originals Series (Landscape) (Artist Proof #4)

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Sickboy - Temple '21: Originals Series (Landscape) (Artist Proof #4)

Original Painting on Anodised Aluminium. Tray framed by Fluorescent Smogg.

20 x 30cm

Edition of 10 (plus 2 AP's) in landscape format

Signed & tagged on the reverse.

This limited-edition release from Sickboy is a temple to the temple. A tribute to that merry, mesmeric little house of worship that the artist is best known for. And a testament to the extraordinary power of artistic symbolism.

Since 1999, Sickboy’s style has evolved, his reputation has exploded. But thankfully he’s stayed true to his pop-psychedelic, serotonin-promoting, red-and-yellow roots.

This small edition of the Classic Temple, hand painted onto Anodised Aluminium, comes in both Landscape & Portrait. Beautifully framed in a complimentary red tray frame produced to the highest quality by Fluorescent Smogg.