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Eric Drass (Aka Shardcore) - The Labyrinth

A1 (59 x 84 cm) fine art Giclée Print.

The print is from a limited edition of 123 and is signed and numbered by the artist.

From the artist:

The term 'labyrinthine' is used metaphorically to indicate something of incomprehensible complexity – much, in fact, like the micro-structure of the brain.

The London Tube Map is both a classic piece of design and a functional representation used by millions to negotiate the real geography of the city. With a nod to The Great Bear by Simon Patterson, I have assigned stations to locations along the lines = each of these stations representing sets of people and ideas which connect and intersect.

This map does not try to reflect the true geography of the mind, but instead reveals to us the way the mind works - creativity and problem solving arising from the connection and juxtaposition of ideas.


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