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Revok - 1313 Milwaukee - Signed Giclee Print 1xRun

Revok - 1313 Milwaukee

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Revok - 1313 Milwaukee

Signed edition of 200 from 2013 
30 x 30 Inches Hand Deckled Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Water Color Cotton Paper
Mint & Unframed

"Eventually I kind of came to this realization that I wasn’t interested into trying to recreate what it is I do outdoors. I am much more interested in the world itself that I have been submerged in for the last 23 years while painting and exploring the cities I have traveled to and lived in, not what it is I personally have been doing, but what I have been experiencing. The idea of creating work reflecting my personal graffiti “style” or something like that wasn’t interesting. I find graffiti much more engaging when it is graffiti. When you try to make it anything else I think you lose what makes it relevant and interesting in the first place. 

Since I came to Detroit two years ago I’ve been making these assemblage pieces that are composed of bits and pieces of the city, it has definitely been a moment in time, and now it is nearly done. I made this body of work from here, about here, all made while I was living here and now I’m leaving, so that’s going to be finished. This will be the only print that I’m going to produce of this body of work. When it’s done, it’s done." - REVOK