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Tobacco & Regrets Overdue
Tobacco & Regrets - Overdue

Tobacco & Regrets - Overdue

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Tobacco & Regrets 


Miniature diorama 

Hand made by artist Abi Trotman.

Wire, polymer, card, resin, paper

33 x 24 x 12  cm

Framed and ready to hang. 

Unpaid bills. Unanswered letters. A bolt on the door and no contact for years. His only company; his cat and the blockbuster video tapes he forgot to take back 3 years ago. I wonder what the charges stand at now? The occasional detective novel paired with a cigarette, and a kitchen that has been out of action for years, hence the takeaways.

He once wanted to change, intended to better himself, Drs orders, but then realised he was perfectly content on his own, making his own rules, with his own thoughts, his own company, and absolutely no judgement.