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Pure Evil - Hedy Lamarr Watch The Stars - Signed Screenprint

Pure Evil - Hedy, Watch The Stars (Red)

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Pure Evil - Hedy, Watch The Stars (Red)

2 Colour Screenprint on 320gsm Fedrigoni Paper.

70 x 85cm

Signed Edition of 100


From the artist:

"This is part of ‘The Nightmare Series’: A chance email from a Chinese “copy village” gave inspiration to this series. The village offered, via email, a list of artists it could reproduce, including three Andy Warhol paintings. The idea of Warhol’s entire artistic output distilled right down to three small 64x64 pixel thumbnails of Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor and an Electric Chair became the inspiration for these doomed and dripping celebrity portraits.

I wanted to show how Hedy is an inspiring figure for a new generation of powerful activist women. I wanted to make a really simplified NO BULLSHIT image of her because that is how I make my art. Keep it simple. No fake shit." - Pure Evil